Why LifeCare InterlockSM

Motorcycle Accident If your loved ones don’t know your preferences about treatment options, end of life measures and organ donation, decisions become more difficult to make and serious conflicts arise—not only between you and other family members but between your family and health care providers, hospitals, medical ethics committees, correctional administrators, prison health care providers and organ donation services.

Doctor & Patient Without clear documented evidence of your preferences and desires hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, prison systems, and prison medical providers can discontinue treatment at their discretion or prolong unnecessary treatment out of fear of liability. They can opt to move you out of one hospital into another without your consent or prevent you from doing the same. Even if your loved ones believe that you would not want a specific treatment or surgery, they may not be able to stop it without direction from you that’s stated in clear concise documented language expressing your desires.

Prison Hospital If you are one of the millions incarcerated in this country or are family members of a loved one incarcerated LifeCare InterlockSM documents must be in place in order for you to fight for the life of your loved one in prison. Any forms generated by the correctional and medical departments aren’t good enough. Without LifeCare InterlockSM and the instruction we provide to you on how to implement them, you as a family member have no authority to request medical and mental health care records, receive answers of any kind related to health issues and emergency situations and may not be contacted when death is imminent.

Conversations need to take place with your family members about your health care and treatment decisions. You need to pass on to family members what you want them to do and your wishes need to be in written form. Being in charge of your health care, ensuring that your health care information is current and accurate and others know your wishes is good stewardship.

The availability of generic documents and templates are everywhere. They’re lacking in important areas and details. Lifecare InterlockSM documents are not all that is provided or all that is required. Having the documents is one thing—knowing how to use them is key. Our one-on-one consulting with families ensures that they have the knowledge and understanding of how to use them. We want you armed with accurate information and know-how so you know what to do when on behalf of your loved one. We want you wise in dealing with the dual system of corrections and medicine so you can fight for the health and life of your loved one.

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